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What type of hay do you feed? 

  • We provide a good quality Alf/Grass mix or just straight grass. If your horse needs to be on a pelleted diet you are responsible for providing that.


Can I bring my own feed?

  • Yes. We understand every horse is different so we do not have a problem with you supplying your own feed however there is NOT a discount off board if you bring your own hay.


Do you charge extra for Graining?

  • No. As long as your grain is bagged and ready for your horse we do not charge for graining.


Do you bed the stalls?

  • 1 bag of bedding per week is provided in the stalls. If you would like more bedding it is available at an additional fee of $60 per month.


Where do the horses get turned out?

  • Horses are turned out either in the arena or in a 32x80 paddock. Horses are turned out alone unless requested otherwise.


Do you have trails on the property?

  • YES. Meadowbrook is situated on 17 acres which you are more then welcome to ride on. We have a very wooded section of the property which we have made switchbacks on so you can get your horse ready for trailering out or just enjoy a trail ride without leaving the property.


Do you give lessons and or provide training?

  • No we do not. We made the decision not to have any trainers run their business here in an effort to keep the facility a bit quieter and more of a calm family atmosphere free of competition. That being said we welcome you to invite your trainer to give you lessons here or we can give you references of trainers who would be happy to come out to the facility to help you.  If your trainer comes to give you lessons they will be required to have proof of trainers insurance with Meadowbrook listed as additionally insured.


Do you provide a multi horse discount?

  • No we do not. The risk, care, liability, work and love we show the horses is all the same for us whether there is 1 horse or 3 horses.


Do you have trailer parking?

  • Yes. space is limited so it is a first come first serve regarding space.


What is the main discipline at the barn?

  • There isn't one. We have a pretty even mix between English, Western, Trails, etc.


Are you a larger facility?

  •  No definitely not. We intentionally keep our numbers low. We have the larger facility amenities but the small facility atmosphere which is exactly what we wanted. Everyone knows everyone and genuinely cares about each other and the horses. 


Are children allowed at the facility?

  • YES. I have 2 children myself and they are often at the barn riding their horses in the arena or on the trails. We are a family run and family oriented facility. If you do bring children with you, you must have a liability release signed and on file with me and they must stay close by due to liability.


Do I HAVE to wear a helmet if I'm over 18?

  • YES YES and YES! NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER. If you need help finding a helmet that's comfortable we are happy to help. 

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