Meadowbrook Equestrian Center  

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Private Residence Horse Boarding Rescue, Ca

Private Residence Horse Boarding Rescue, Ca 


Vacation Care

Vacation care is available at a fee of $40 per day. 

 If you would like to bring your own feed which we do suggest in an effort to keep your horse the most comfortable as possible you absolutely can or we will happily provide it for you. 

You may choose any open space  at the facility whether is be a stall or paddock.  If you choose a stall we will turn the horses out if you would like. Pens get cleaned daily and we feed 2x per day unless otherwise arranged.

Hauling is available in most areas for a fee of $50 + .75 per mile. 

Horses are required to be current on vaccines and fecal test for parasites. Proof must be provided from the vet in order to keep all of us safe.