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Low key private boarding facility




Meadowbrook Equestrian Center is located on 17 beautiful acres complete with a seasonal pond in Rescue, CA. We are a PRIVATE residence boarding facility that is not open to the public.  Meadowbrook started in 2007 as a small 4 stall barn and 2 little paddocks. Over a few years the facility evolved into what it is today; 6 stall mare motel with 16x20 stall/paddock, 12 12x20 stalls fully covered but nice open and airy, 6 24x50 paddocks with great covers, 4 40x85 turnouts, 75x150 arena, and 60ft round pen! We have the capacity to comfortably house 24 horses in your choice of stalls or paddocks.


When building our facility we purposely kept every tree we could to provide both horse and human with as much shade and shelter as possible.


Meadowbrook is a family run facility and we welcome you with open arms. We have 2 children who love to be outdoors and enjoy playing with the other kids that come to visit the barn. We enjoy riding on the trails around the property, swimming in the pond with the horses and some days its just a big bath day for everyone and the kids horses end up with painted sparkly hooves, braided mane and tail also full of sparkle and BBQ lunch.


We live onsite checking on the horses throughout the day and take great care to make sure your horses are happy, healthy, and thriving in our care. We are very flexible and communication is key to a drama free facility which is what you will find here. Positivity goes a very long way and you will not find judgment here regardless of what discipline you have chosen, the brand of tack and clothes you may wear, how expensive your horse is or whether you show or not is of no importance to us. What is important is that you love and care for your horse with the respect they deserve. 


I hope you will come join our barn family!

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